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Important benefits of Home Tution-

  1. Home Tuition takes place one-to- one; students are able to focus better and are taught in a way that specifically meets their own unique needs.
  2. At school, you don't have a choice about your teachers, but here at Teachers Point, we match the child and the tutor as per the requirements.
  3. Having a private tutor gives students an extra time to review the areas in which they may be struggling.
  4. For students who struggle with studying for tests, Home Tuition helps them to develop better study skills and ultimately to perform better in exams.
  5. Because tutors develop a more personal relationship with their students, they are able to see and cultivate the potential within them.
  6. Parents with busy schedules don't always have time to help their children with school work. Having a Home Tutor takes that pressure off.
  7. Sometimes students may not be as willing to ask questions in a large class, but working with a Home Tutor gives them more confidence and the freedom to speak out.
  8. Home Tuition is one-to- one, so tutors are willing to experiment with new teaching styles that work more effectively for the student.

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