Students FAQs:

Q. What is Teachers Point?

Ans. Teachers Point established since 2012, is a fast growing home tuitions provider and recruitment of teachers in different reputed schools/Institutions provider with over 2000 experienced home tutors and qualified trained teachers in Faridabad-NCR. We connect students of all ages with the tutors or teachers specializing in face to face teaching. We always take challenge to keep our students through the best home tuition by providing experienced and reliable home tutors at affordable fees. We provide result-oriented & dedicated home tutors for all classes, all subjects, all levels and all over Faridabad-NCR.

Q. How do I use Teachers Point to find the right Tutor?

Ans. You can send us your query by providing details on Request For A Tutor Form . And you also contact us directly through our Phone/Email. Our staff will help you to select best tutor as per your requirement.

Q. What kind of tutors does Teachers Point have?

Ans. To join Teachers Point a tutor must have a Bachelor's degree or higher. Teachers Point features India's best tutors, ranked and reviewed by students. We believe the most effective way of identifying top tutors is by actual review of tutors by students and parents.

Q. How long are tutoring sessions?

Ans. Our experience shows that the traditional one hour time works best. In addition you can add any multiple of half hour when making the appointment, so sessions can be: 1 hour, 1 ½ hour etc.

Q. Does Teachers Point help to provide tutor for Non-Academic areas?

Ans. Yes, Teachers Point help to provide best tutors in Non-Academic areas along with Academic areas.

Non-Academic Classes:- Music, Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting, Cooking, Yoga, Fitness, Spoken English, Nail Art, Foreign Languages, Personality Development etc.

Tutors FAQs:

Q. How do I become a Registered Tutor with Teachers Point?

Ans. As a tutor at Teachers Point you need a Bachelor's degree or higher. Your knowledge of the subject must be thorough and you should plan to teach only the subject(s) you know best. Anyone with these basic qualifications is welcome to Register as a tutor through Teachers Point website. After that to become a approved tutor you must submit print out copy of registration form, educational documents, ID proofs, registration fee with passport size photograph at our office. Tutors whose profiles are approved are ready to take tuition classes. We reserve the right to verify any information in your resume, educational documents, or profile from third parties and to administer to you any subject(s) or other test/interview at any time (before or after profile approval).

Q. Does Teachers Point register as a Tutor for Non-Academic areas?

Ans. Yes, Teachers Point register as a tutor for Non-Academic areas along with Academic areas.

Non-Academic Classes:- Music, Fine Arts, Drawing & Painting, Cooking, Yoga, Fitness, Spoken English, Nail Art, Foreign Languages, Personality Development etc.

Q. What are the charges to register with Teachers Point?

Ans. We charge registration fees ₹ 300. Our basic model is to keep a percentage of the tutor's earnings as a transactional fees. We do not charge tutors until they get paid by students for tutoring sessions.

Q. Why is there a transaction fee and, as a Tutor, What do I get in return for this fee?

Ans. Our biggest cost is advertising (internet search engines, advertisements in various web, print and other media as well as individual schools/institutions). We want to continue to spend heavily on advertising to bring students to our site and become India's leading tutoring website. Other costs are website related costs including software team, customer care, bandwidth, payments processing, administrative/personnel costs, and miscellaneous other costs which keep popping up.

Q. How do I get paid?

Ans. On the behalf of Teachers Point the tutor can collect the predefined fees from the students after one or two sessions in advance. And the tutor have to submit the transaction fees as decided earlier in the office or through NEFT in Teachers Point account.

Q. Is this face to face tutoring?

Ans. Yes, you will be able to offer students face to face tutoring. Face to face tuition can be planned at student or tutor's home. Tuition place must be quiet, clean and equipped with table and chairs.

Q. What do I need to succeed as a tutor at Teachers Point?

Ans. You must have a thorough knowledge of your subject, that alone is not enough. You must be able to generate great reviews from students and for this you must have the qualities of a good teacher. You must never be late or miss a session. In unavoidable circumstances Students/Tutors can cancel session by pre-information to each other. Student’s review a tutor after each session and a bad review score or negative comments will be permanently archived in your tutoring record.

Q. What times should I make myself available for tutoring?

Ans. Tutoring session can be planned based on student availability during weekdays and weekends.

Q. What fee should I charge?

Ans. Note what other tutors are charging for a particular subject. Tutors with highest ratings by students/parents are able to charge more.